What’s On Aussie? Northern Beaches

What’s On Aussie? Northern Beaches Recognition

‘What’s On Aussie? Northern Beaches’, our original Location,has been recognised in two ways recently..

Firstly, we heard that our Northern Beaches Subscribers and Facebook Likers had voted us into the Finals of the Service Business Category in our Local Business Awards.

Then, one of our co-owners, Elaine, was asked for an interview on a Radio Northern Beaches programme, Pearls of Wisdom.  We were honoured that the theme chosen for Elaine to be interviewed about was ‘Community’.
After all, that is the major theme of ‘What’s On Aussie’!

Quite a couple of weeks!

And we are very honoured that our efforts are being noticed.

Thank you so much to all those who voted for us in the Local Business Awards.
(The judges didn’t conclude that we were the Outstanding Business in our category – but then, they don’t know us like you do!)

And thank you to Karen and Kaz, for choosing us to represent the theme ‘Community’ on your radio program.

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