Party Hard or Party Right

Party Hard or Party Right!

It can be hard to plan a party!          Party Hard or Party Right!

Why not party right as opposed to partying hard in terms of party planning?

From my wealth of knowledge in the events industry here’s some tips to make throwing an event easy for you and fun for your guests.



Think about this, if you sit in a room where people are quiet and there’s no music how do you think the atmosphere would be?
Now imagine it with some music in the background to help give the event some atmosphere!
The music needs to start soft and help shape the party.
Spotify has great pre-made playlists as does iTunes and as a last resort YouTube.
All you then need to do is hook your phone up to a speaker and let the music play.
The music should start soft then increase to party type music.

I’m sure most of you are thinking here’s another cost but don’t be fooled by how cleverly you can decorate your event.
The decorations don’t need to be anything extravagant – it can be as simple as a few strings of fairy lights, some candles and fake flowers.
It’s amazing how decorations can completely transform a space and make the event more welcoming for the guests.
Pinterest also has great ideas so jump online and have a browse. Here’s some decorating tips.

  • Theme: pick a theme relevant to your event e.g. favourite colours, birthday, Christmas etc. Pick a few colours and keep this consistent throughout.
  • Know your budget: Don’t go over the top with spending unnecessary money just be clever with where you shop. Some discount variety stores have amazing party decorations.
  • Space: the best recommendation I can give you is use space that isn’t intrusive to your guests e.g.  Ceilings, corridors and areas that don’t encroach on space within your function.

Now we all hate that feeling when you leave a party and have to go to McDonalds for a sneaky six pack of nuggets.
There’s a general rule when serving food, in that smaller styled events lasting 2-3 hours should serve 8-10 canapes per head and increase to over 12 -15 canapes for a 4-5 hour function.
This depends obviously on the size of the canapes as it’s important that you serve food to ensure responsible service of alcohol.
Ensure that the food is circulating throughout the whole room e.g. clockwise and anticlockwise so everyone has an opportunity to consume food.
Having snacks to start with like cheese and biscuits, chips and crudites are great ideas to absorb alcohol and they are cost effective.

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