by Shan Withnell

We all know that New Year’s resolutions just don’t work.

We turn up on New Year’s Eve with a grandiose list of promises– we’re going to be fitter, healthier, a better friend/wife/mother/whatever.
We’re going to do amazing things and have accomplished incredible objectives by year end.

It’s probably best to let your thoughts bubble up over a few days while you’re feeling relaxed and playful, creative and spontaneous.

New Year, New You

During the holidays, or just after, is a great time to play with ideas around what you want to feel, be, do and achieve this year.

Find a notebook, journal or art diary and coloured pens, pictures, scissors and glue.
This is play time.
You can write, draw, collage, mind map, make a video or audio file – whatever feels like fun.


What are at least five general areas of your life that you want to change or develop this year?
Eg, happiness, health, adventure, creativity, friendship


For each area of life that you want to change, create some details of how you will love those changes once they’ve been made, eg Health: regular exercise, healthy eating, strength, confidence, fitting into your dream clothes, etc.
Make sure these outcomes make you feel really good.


Come up with your theme(s) for the year – things that inspire and motivate you, eg happy, healthy and strong; making a difference to the world; making each day an adventure.


Find one or more songs that will be your theme tunes for the year (or for each area that you want to change).
Find something that inspires you, makes you feel happy, uplifted and motivated to keep going.
Make sure you play them often!


Make a film clip, a Pinterest board, an audio file, a vision board – something that will inspire you and that you will see or hear often of your typical day once your changes have happened.

Fill it with information – how does it smell, sound, feel?
Imagine how you will feel when you wake up in the morning.
Imagine telling your friends how much your life has changed.
Imagine what you might do for fun.
Imagine what you might be doing on holiday, eating for lunch, reading for pleasure.New Year, New You 2

Let your imagination run wild!

Remember to have fun and pay attention to your intuition.
That’s where the gold comes from!

These steps are the beginning of creating your amazing 2017!

If you want to find out the next steps in creating an amazing year, you want some help in learning to hear and access your intuition, or you would love an amazing intuitive remedial massage, please contact Shan on


About Shan Withnell

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