Doing local marketing the right way

Our thanks to Kelly Robinson for this insightful article, especially written for our Small Business readers. 

Any type of marketing can be tricky and it can also be expensive when you are trying to get results.

Local marketing is generally targeted to those people that are within a 10-minute drive to your business.

So often I see people spending money on expensive pay per click advertising without having all their local marketing in place. It is your local marketing that can get your business having a small and steady flow of clients without all the expense.

Remember – Local Marketing does not mean that you are excluding the rest of the world, it just means that you are also targeting locally.

Local marketing ideas

Online Directories – What’s on Aussie for example

  • True Local
  • Local Newsletters
  • School Newsletters
  • Industry Directories
  • Vehicle Signage
  • Social Media
  • Local Networking
  • Collaboration

Social Media

  • While being an online platform, social media is also local. With social media you want engagement so try to share information about your local area that relates to your business.
  • Make sure that the about sections of all your social media accounts include your location / area and update your general information regularly.
  • Don’t be a TMI publisher to social media – your local clients don’t need to know what your kids did last night.
  • Don’t forget that while marketing local you are still talking to your ideal clients.
  • Facebook advertising allows you to market directly within this radius of your business.

Local Networking

  1. Try out lots of different local groups.
  2. Networking can be fun; it takes time to find the right group that suits you too.
  3. Remember networking is about growing relationships first and doing business second.
  4. Local networking leads to local clients and local referrals


  • Getting to know and then working with other businesses that are able to send clients your way is the ultimate goal.
  • You can collaborate with businesses that are similar to yours
  • You can collaborate with businesses that complement yours
  • You can collaborate with people that know lots of other people who are going to be your ideal clients.

Marketing in all its forms need to be done in a consistent manner. This means that even when you are busy you need to keep marketing, all year round.
Consistency is key so that your clients and potential clients know what to expect.

What local marketing are you going to plan?

Doing local marketing the right way

Kelly Robinson

About Kelly Robinson

Kelly is the owner of My Sassy Business. Based in Brookvale NSW, My Sassy Business is a local business advisory service and Digital Marketing business. With clients right across Australia we are inspiring small business for success.