Metherapy Spiritual Healing

Bioenergetic Massage for Body, Mind and Spiritual energy balance.

Metherapy Spiritual Healing knows that stress relief of body and mind through Energy Balancing, Relaxation Massage is a necessity for many.

Receive a gentle, relaxing, body oil massage working on tissues, muscles, blood and lymph flows but specially on the energy pathways and centres of the body calming the nervous system.

Our Standard Massage offers a classical Swedish massage with a nervous system calming acupatch to get the maximum effect of relaxation which will last long after your session.

You can use our signature Bioenergetic Massage.
This massage targets specific energy pathways (meridians) during the massage.
To do this we take a profile of your meridians at the start of the session.
Imbalances showing up in the profile are adjusted with targeted body massage and the placement of NASA-derived bioenergetic acupatches on crucial acupuncture points on the body.

The result is a relaxing stress relief.
After the session you will be handed a graphic image of the condition of your energy pathways to allow you to monitor your health condition over time.
The acupatches can be worn for 24 hours after the session for continued benefit.

Spiritual Counselling offers fresh spiritual considerations which will allow you to redirection the focus of your life.

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