Goods and services related to how you want to look and feel. Appearance; Fitness; Alternative Health and more. Under this category you can find sub-headings:
  • Alternative Health (Practitioners of all kinds, Naturopathy, Counselling, Massage, Herbal and Aromatherapy, Float Therapy etc. and Products)
  • Appearance (Hairdressers, Personal Training, Health Clubs, Image Styling, Skincare, Makeup, Tanning etc.)
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery (An alternative to chemical fragrances and a new world of healing possibilities.)
  • Fitness (Personal Trainers, Gyms, Dance, Yoga, Swimming.....)
  • Medical/Allied Health (Practitioners and Services that your doctor might recommend.)
  • Natural Life Products (Businesses which provide information, services to live a more healthy, eco-friendly life and products which are eco-friendly, healthy and fair trade.)
  • Wellness (A wider range of businesses which seek to help you reach your goals for a better life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.)
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Professional Spray Tan in your own home!

Transforming people’s lives through education, motivation and inspiration.

Break through barriers to achieve your full potential! Teacher, writer, business and life coach, speaker.

Every class feels like a party! Click On Business Name For More Details.

Fitness through dance, with a qualified instructor.

Pole dancing classes and burlesque classes focussing on fitness.

No lock-in contracts: work out on your schedule! Strength and Cardio. Low Cost.

Let us help you shape up, get fit and improve your health! We support you and make it fun and simple.

Meditation; Reiki; Energetic Healing; Engergetic Space Clearing; Corporate Wellness

Achieve a calmer mind, reduction of stress and a deep feeling of relaxation. Click on image for more details.

Northern Beaches Counselling and Northern Beaches Mediation offers individuals, couples and families support when at their most vulnerable.

Floating in our Zero Gravity Float Pods can allow you to eliminate stress, tension and anxiety as well as relieve much pain.