Goods and services related to how you want to look and feel. Appearance; Fitness; Alternative Health and more. Under this category you can find sub-headings:
  • Alternative Health (Practitioners of all kinds, Naturopathy, Counselling, Massage, Herbal and Aromatherapy, Float Therapy etc. and Products)
  • Appearance (Hairdressers, Personal Training, Health Clubs, Image Styling, Skincare, Makeup, Tanning etc.)
  • Aromatherapy and Natural Perfumery (An alternative to chemical fragrances and a new world of healing possibilities.)
  • Fitness (Personal Trainers, Gyms, Dance, Yoga, Swimming.....)
  • Medical/Allied Health (Practitioners and Services that your doctor might recommend.)
  • Natural Life Products (Businesses which provide information, services to live a more healthy, eco-friendly life and products which are eco-friendly, healthy and fair trade.)
  • Wellness (A wider range of businesses which seek to help you reach your goals for a better life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.)
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